Wakefield Domestic Asbestos Removal

Wakefield Domestic Asbestos Removal

Asbestos needs careful, efficient and professional handling. In some instance, asbestos exposure can be fatal. For conducting initial asbestos surveys to sampling and discarding hazardous asbestos waste, Asbestos Removal Wakefield can create a customised domestic asbestos removal to suit your unique needs.

If your home or residential building was renovated or constructed before the year 2000, there is a chance that there is some asbestos lurking somewhere. We understand that suspecting or finding asbestos in your home can be worrisome and you would want to get rid of it immediately. The key to handling asbestos safely is knowing how potentially unsafe asbestos-containing materials might be if you do not have the right tools and experience to remove them.

Put your safety first and contact Asbestos Removal Wakefield. Knowing that our licensed professionals are managing the asbestos found in your home will put your mind at rest.

How Can Our Domestic Asbestos Removal Services Help You?

If you suspect or aware of asbestos in your home/residential building, let our asbestos surveyors come to you and analyse your property. We will take some samples for testing and as soon as we have the results, we will plan the safest and quickest way to deal with the ACMs present in your home. We aim to restore your property to a safe environment for you and your family.

Here at Asbestos Removal Wakefield, we are proficient in handling all types of asbestos including blue, brown and white asbestos. If you are planning to do any kind of remedial work and uncover asbestos, do not hesitate to reach out to us immediately. For instance, call us before making any changes to the central heating system of your home or if you have found asbestos lagging. Our technicians will advise you on the best course of action.

Whether you simply suspect or know for sure that your home or residential building has asbestos hiding in plain sight, let our surveyors assess your property on your behalf. We will analyse the survey report and accordingly suggest removing ACMs or leaving them in situ and monitoring them.

How Do We Manage Asbestos in the Home?

Our technicians jump into action the moment we get a call regarding domestic asbestos in Wakefield. We arrange for a site visit and our specialists collect samples. The sampling and testing are in accordance with the guidelines of HSE and affordably priced. Within 48 to 72 hours, you will get the lab report of the survey and our operatives will contact you with the best and safest plan of action. Once you have hired our domestic asbestos removal services, you can count on us to manage everything, from the removal to collection & disposal of the asbestos waste.

The most important thing for Asbestos Removal Wakefield is to make sure that asbestos is removed from the home without any harm to you or the other occupants. Our domestic asbestos removal services in Wakefield are priced competitively and we will even give you a quote. Kindly contact us to arrange for a survey.


Wakefield is a cathedral city in the City of Wakefield district of West Yorkshire, England. The city is on the River Calder and the Pennines eastern edge.

The Battle of Wakefield took place in the Wars of the Roses and it was a Royalist stronghold in the Civil War. Wakefield became an important market town and centre for wool, exploiting its position on the navigable River Calder to become an inland port.

In the 18th century, Wakefield traded in corn, coal mining and textiles and in 1888 its parish church acquired cathedral status. It became the county town of the West Riding of Yorkshire and was the seat of the West Riding County Council from 1889 until 1974, when the county and council were abolished, and of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council from 1974 until its dissolution in 1986.

The city had a population of 99,251 in the 2011 census. It is part of the West Yorkshire Built-up Area and the Yorkshire and The Humber region. The district borough, governed from the city, had a mid-2019 est. population of 348,312, the 21st most populous district in England.

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